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Dr. YSR is associated with Karnataka since last 50 years since his childhood, He did is schooling in Bellary and His degree in Gulburga Karnataka. He has good relationship with Karnataka telugu people and he has followers across all over Karnataka after he entered into politics. After he was elected as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, He has a great fan following from all communities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. He has a great Charisma in downtrodden and youth. In 2006 April 3rd on the eve of UGADHI he was honored by Karnataka Telugu Federation for his services towards poor people Karnataka telugu people. After this felicitation he has attracted more number of people in Karnataka. On this eve he promised to establish an Andhra Bhavan in Karnataka for upliftment of all Andhra people in different sectors. After his sudden demise all the people went under a shock.

Presently the close follower of Dr Y.S.R has established in 2010 Dr Y.S.R Memorial Foundation Karnataka with an aim to fulfill the dreams of our beloved Great Leader Dr Y.S.R.

We are organizing Dr Y.S.R jayanthi and Vardhanthi and all other social services to all the downtrodde.

At present we would like to support Mr Y.S. Jagan for all his works, politically and socially. We expect all the enthusiast to come an join the hands with us for a great cause of mankind.



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